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Counselling for Young Adults and Individuals

Enlistment in the army, poly and university education are big leaps that young adults have to face as they enter their late teens and early 20s. During this period they often start thinking about their careers and job opportunities as some may even contemplate marriage or starting a family. Some young adults even begin physical intimate relationship as they get confused between love and sex, while others worry about abandonment, sexual satisfaction, relationship sustenance, work and financial stability.

Common challenges of young adults:

High-risk behaviours: Suicidal ideations, attempts and self-harming behaviours.

Mental health issues: Anxiety, mild depression with the presence of mood disorders.

Irregular mood : General feeling of apathy, listlessness and unhappiness.

Relationship issues: Break-ups, infidelity, lack of self-worth, esteem and confidence.

Generalised fears: About results, relationships, studies, job & future.

Academic stress: Assignment overload & poor time management,

Socialisation: Inability to form and sustain meaningful relationships with friends / partners.

Self-image: Body dissatisfactions resulting in self-harm and eating disorders.

Sex & sexuality: Managing sexual relations and its consequences.

Addiction: Drinking, smoking, excess gaming affecting general well-being.

Such factors makes young adults often feel overwhelmed, insecure and confused as their own self-doubt may reign over their sense of self confidence and self-efficacy.

At AppleTree Counselling the therapists are trained to support the local and expatriate adults as they take on the changes and various responsibilities that come with being a young adult.

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