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Practical Microskills Training 

28 CPD Hrs

4 Full Days

Allen E Ivey transformed counselling theory and practice. Since the 1960’s his contributions to the counselling field includes the introduction of the ‘Developmental Counselling & Therapy (DCT), while his most significant contribution in the recent times is the incorporation of Multi-Cultural awareness, knowledge and competencies into the practice of counselling. As we all have learnt, Ivey revolutionised the teaching of the basic counselling skills and his teaching techniques has made it easier for practitioners to learn the basic counselling skills intentionally, effectively and efficiently.


This 28hr practice based training is meant for participants who wish to learn more about The Counselling Microskills and and also serves as a refresher course for current practitioners to re-look at what they have learnt and practiced previously, while gaining new insight to the way that Counselling Microskills can be used.

The additional knowledge will allow practitioners to apply the newly learnt questioning techniques through the use of effective counselling micro skills which will boost the confidence of the practitioners by encouraging the learners to focus on the “How-To” versus “What” questions processing deeper reflections on the client's experiences.

Participant Learning Outcomes:

1. Be able to identify the key Micro-Skills used in counselling.

2. Understand the stages in mastering counselling Micro-Skills.

3. Be able to identify the levels of learning and practical evaluation of each Micro-Skill.

4. Gain competency based practice of Micro-Skills via live supervision and feedback of practice.

5. Certificate of Attendance that can be used towards SAC – 28 Hrs Continual Professional Development hours.

Trainer Profile:

Hon Shin is a well-received trainer in the sector for the last 10 years and has conducted many training for schools, professionals and corporate entities. He uses a candid and experiential methodology in teaching to enrich and empower participants in learning and self-reflection. He ensures safety, shares personal experiences working with clientele and helps each participant in learning at their own pace to ensure relevance and understanding throughout the training. 

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