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Frequently Asked Questions


Counselling and Psychotherapy are words that is often used interchangeably as they do overlap in some instances, depending on every clients’ situation, circumstance, and the timing of when they enter into therapy. Two definitions to describe the the above question can be found in the SAC handbook and the British Assocation for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

According to The Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC handbook 2011), Counselling can be more precisely defined as relatively short-term, interpersonal, theory-based processes of helping persons who are psychologically healthy to resolve developmental and situational problems. Counselling activities are guided by ethical standards and go through distinct stages from initiation to termination. Persoanl, social, vocational and educational matters are all areas of concern. 

According to The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talk therapies. They are delivered by trained  practioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them about effective change or enhance their well-being.


At some point in everyone’s life we are bound to experience mental health challenges which needs special care from a trained therapist / counsellor / psychotherapist because friends and family members are not trained in this field.  

Just like our physical health, mental health requires equal attention. Our mental well-being is connected to our emotional well-being and it should never be compromised thinking that our problems will go away. Some life challenges can be managed better when there is a good support system while there are situations when one need to seek professional support to bounce back and take charge of our emotions. 

In general, emotionally distressing situation stems from relationships, work or crisis related difficulties that happen in life. When such issues are not addressed, people become distressed and over time stress builds up and prevents them from living a meaningful life. 

Many individuals, couples and families continue suffering alone as they are afraid to show their vulnerabilities to the world and continue living in helplessness. If your situation is making you feel over-whelmed and you feeling that you are losing control of your life, don't hesitate! Seek help immediately as problems can be more readily resolved early on. 

If you know yourself or anyone who needs help, call us as everyone deserves to be helped and to be happy!


Counsellors / Therapists are trained professionals who has training in the social, emotional and mental health challenges of individuals, couples and families. 

Friends are people you turn to but sometimes they may not be objective to you or your situation because they do not want to hurt your feelings and jeopardise the relationship. Friends words will resonate with you as they often stand on your side but they may lack the knowledge and skills to help you in an objective manner. 

Counsellors and therapists aim to give you an unbiased perspective about yourself / situation and professional insights that will help you gain awareness to find the right solution to your problems. Counsellors and Therapists also journey with you in your path to recovery.

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