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Our Professional Team

Passionate and ready to journey with you


Hema Gurnani

Founder | Psychotherapist

Hema holds a degree in Masters of Counselling, a Masters of Education and a Diploma in Child Psychology with additional training in Couples Therapy, Family Systemic Therapy, Integrated Family Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Mediation. She is also an accredited play, symbol work and sand tray therapist. She is a Master Clinical Member, Registered Counsellor and Registered Clinical Supervisor in the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). She is also a Registered Social Work Practitioner in the Singapore Association for Social Work (SASW).

Having more than 2 decades of clinical practice as a psychotherapist and director in the social service sector, Hema brings with her abundant knowledge and expertise of the ground as well as policies in the social services sector. She exudes warmth and nurturance to her clientele she works with and helps them be gentle with themselves in facing their challenges. She is particularly passionate in supporting children with their developmental issues and parents with their everyday parenthood challenges.


Trained in Child Psychology and Counselling, Hema feels privileged in helping pre-schoolers, children and youths, encountering socio-emotional as well as developmental challenges that interfere in their learning. Being a family therapist trained in mediation, she enjoys working with couples on issues revolving around divorce, custody battles, grief and loss. She also has experience supporting single parents, members of the LGBTQ community and victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Having administered Home Study Reports to adopt a child, she now finds joy in supporting adopted children and their parents as they go through the various stages of their evolving journey.


As a trainer and a consultant, she customises workshops for schools, corporate entities and the wider community. Being a clinical supervisor she is passionate in helping interns, budding counsellors and practitioners in their professional development. She has raised many registered counsellors who now serve in the field. Finally, in her role as a lecturer, she teaches the basic and advanced theories of counselling, ethics and reflective practice in counselling at the Masters level.

Hema believes in the potential of people and spends time attending to each person to help them attain their fullest in their personal and professional lives. She actively supports the locals and expatriates living in Singapore. With her counselling knowledge, skills and experience she hopes to continue giving back to the community.


Lau Hon Shin

Founder | Psychotherapist

Hon Shin holds a Masters Degree in Counselling with additional training in Satir, Couples Therapy, Family Systemic Therapy, Integrated Family Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Mediation. He is a Registered Counsellor, Master Clinical Member and Registered Clinical Supervisor with the Singapore Association for counselling (SAC) and has been providing individual and group supervision for community practitioners and interns from the various Masters in Counselling programmes in Singapore. He has also done extensive work as a Home Study Assessor under Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) for couples wishing to adopt a child.


As a clinician, he has more than 10 years of experience working with children, adolescent(s), couples, families in distress and the LGBTQ clientele. Hon Shin brings with him an insightful perspective towards looking at human development and problems. Being an experiential therapist, he provides a warm and sincere experience towards his clients and believes that “People are innately kind and genuinely want to do the best they can!” He journeys with clients in comforting their worst fears, helping them make new sense of their opportunities for growth and tap into the empowerment they have within themselves.

His work with at-risk youths and their families allowed him to gain insights and understanding into the multi-tiered challenges experienced by youths and their parents. Their resilience, courage and perspectives have deeply touched him, and propels him to continue impacting lives. Along the way, he discovered his passion in restoring and re-igniting the connections between couple and families in distress. Helping couples in tension during the stages of divorce is another area of work that he is dedicated to as there is profound impact to the couple and their children/families which can be eased with timely intervention.

As a trainer Hon Shin designs workshops for students, parents, teachers and enjoys helping interns and community practitioners in their personal and professional development. He has developed and implemented a SAC endorsed micro-skills training for the Ministry of Education (MOE) cluster counsellors, interns and community practitioners. Separately, he has lectured and supervised MOE Counsellors under the ‘Diploma in School Counselling’ (DSC) and the ‘Educational and Career Guidance’ (ECG) programs. Many supervisees under him have successfully become SAC Registered Counsellors.


Hon Shin believes that every child, individual, family or couple is unique and they have the capacity to make choices that help them find intrinsic happiness by steering their life with timely interventions. He actively supports the locals and expatriates living in Singapore. With his acquired counselling knowledge, skills and experience he hopes to continue impacting lives of children/youths, individuals, couples and families in the community.

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Karan Gurnani

Associate | Psychotherapist

Karan holds a Master of Counselling degree, with a specialisation in Marital and Family Therapy (MFT). He is a registered member with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS), and the Association for Marital and Family Therapy Singapore (AMFTS).


With his background, Karan adopts a holistic approach to psychotherapy by systemically working with individuals, couples, and families. He is also trained in Reality Therapy (CT-RT), Transactional Analysis (TA), and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), all of which facilitate his work with young adults and working professionals who encounter common challenges such as Depression, Anxiety, Job Stress, and Relationship Issues.


Given his training speciality and work experience, Karan is especially suited for clients who require trauma-informed care. By working with the mind and body simultaneously, he equips clients who have experienced trauma with simple exercises that somatically regulate their nervous system, while also engaging in talk-therapy to process the intense thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that accompany their past trauma. In addition to this, Karan is also equipped to see clients who have previously experienced suicidal ideation or engaged in self-harm behaviours, or are currently experiencing fleeting thoughts of suicide. 


Having previously worked with primary school children in International Schools, Karan utilises various forms of expressive techniques such as play therapy, art therapy, and symbol work to enhance their socio-emotional and cognitive development. He is also passionate about working with youths who encounter adjustment issues (e.g., bullying), educational difficulties (e.g. dyslexia), and emotional dysregulation (e.g. complaints from teachers about outbursts).


As someone who believes in value of philanthropy, as well as in everyone’s inherent capacity to heal, Karan dedicates his time outside of his practice to tend to victims of serious sexual crime (e.g. rape) and abuse (e.g., domestic abuse) in his role as a Victim Care Officer with the Singapore Police Force. By working with these victims through Single-Session Focused Therapy (SSFT), he provides them with an avenue for their story to be heard, which then paves the way for their emotional healing. Aside from this, he also plays an active role in the community by hosting monthly Peer Mentoring and Facilitation Sessions for his peers and colleagues, as well as quarterly group therapy sessions for men to raise awareness of – and improve the state of – men’s mental health.


Karan is presently conducting research in the state of mental health services in Singapore in order to drive policy changes that will make counselling and psychotherapy more accessible and affordable for all. He is available for individual therapy, couples’ therapy, and family mediation sessions, as well as training for schools and corporate clients.

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