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Family Therapy

Family systems are complex as each family has a differential view about lifestyles, cultural values and practices. It becomes more complicated when children come into the picture while parents have to juggle with work coupled with a and whole new array of parenting challenges.

Parenting & family challenges:

Boundary setting: Parents are confused about the limit on partying, late nights.

Addictions: Parents worry about access phone/computer/iPad usage, smoking, gaming.

Conflicted parenting: Parents fighting as teens behave badly.

Money matters: Settling pocket money issues.

Communication: No or limited communication from teens.

Studies: Frustrated with the youths attitude towards studies.

 Career Path: Differential views about future education pathways.

To help individuals overcome these challenges, AppleTree Counselling therapist will work with clients to formulate effective and implementable solutions. The techniques used in therapy with draw from Family systemic therapy (FST), Integrated family therapy (IST) and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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